The Humanitarian Journalism project is seeking to better understand how the news media report on humanitarian crises and what shapes their coverage.

Slack, virtual newsrooms and journalistic practice (Article)

Mel Bunce

January 10, 2018


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What is humanitarian journalism? (Book chapter)

Mel Bunce

March 27, 2019


In this chapter, we define humanitarian journalism and give an overview of previous research on this subject.

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Foundation funding and the boundaries of journalism (Article)

We show that foundation funding has a significant effect on how journalists understand, value and practice their work.

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Truly a shocking, sad day for journalism in NZ: the end of
@nzlistener @NorthSouthNZ @MetroMagNZ
that have done so much reporting, investigation & analysis over the years. A huge blow for their talented journalists & to our public sphere...1/

stories about the 4 Muslim minority doctors first to die on front line of UK pandemic @AJENews