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NGOs as News Organisations (Book Chapter)

Kate Wright

September 14, 2017


By Kate Wright (@newsprof1)

What does it mean to talk about NGOs as news organisations? Non-Governmental Organisations have long sought to shape news by providing research briefings, constructing newsworthy events or enabling journalists to access case studies. But in the past decade, scholars have highlighted the ways in which NGOs are changing organisationally to become much more like news organisations. Large numbers of former journalists have moved into NGO communications roles, which are sometimes even advertised as journalistic posts (Cottle and Nolan 2007; Fenton 2010; Moon 2017). These changes in staffing are thought to have triggered shifts in NGOs’ organisational cultures, values and working practices. A key aspect of this area of study involves examining “NGO journalism”: a term used to indicate the growing awareness that NGOs can no longer be seen simply as sources of news, but instead have become important producers and curators of news content.

The chapter, ‘‘NGOs as News Organisations’ by Kate Wright is forthcoming (2018) in The Oxford University Press Handbook of Journalism (Ornebring, H. (ed.).

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