BOOK CHAPTER: ‘Doing good’ and ‘looking good’ in global humanitarian reporting

This chapter discusses the interaction of ‘looking good’ and ‘doing good’ in relation to the philanthropic funding of international non-profit journalism. Specifically, it investigates how a private donor’s apparent motivation to ‘look good’ – or to generate symbolic capital – interacted with a news organization’s ability to ‘do good’ – by producing what they saw as public service content.

The chapter, ‘‘Doing good’ and ‘looking good’ in global humanitarian reporting’ (Scott, Bunce and Wright) is forthcoming (2018) in ‘Doing good or looking good? The ambiguous role of communication in international development, (Enghel & Noske-Turner (eds.))

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ARTICLE: Slack, virtual newsrooms and journalistic practice

Mel Bunce

September 15, 2017


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Collaboration software brings virtual newsrooms together, a study by @meljbunce @newsprof1 & @martinscott2010 #journalism #socialmedia

Collaboration software brings virtual newsrooms together, a study by @meljbunce @newsprof1 & @martinscott2010 #journalism #socialmedia