(AHRC) This research in funded largely by a 2 year grant from the UK Arts and Humanitarians Research Council.


ISRF logo

(ISRF) In the first year of this project we received a ‘Flexible Grant for Small Groups’ award from the ISRF.


Public media alliance


(PMA) The largest global association of public broadcasters and are acting in a support and advisory role.


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(IBT) A charity which supports coverage of global development on TV, radio and online. They are also acting in a support and advisory role.


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(HNRN) A network for researchers and practitioners in humanitarian communication.


The Newton Tech4Dev Network
A global consortium of scholars to advance research on digital technologies in the developing world.


‘A Santander Overseas Research grant (£5k) funded transcription and Skype costs incurred whilst interviewing.

Great new academic article on Celebrity-led development orgs: @ABudabin @BrandAid_World

"In the Service of Power: Media Capture & the Threat to Democracy" — PDF collection edited by @anyaSIPA: @CIMA_Media

Want to lead Reuters coverage in Nigeria? Apply here. Got to be one of the best journalism gigs in Africa.

Incredible (& horrifying) immersive reporting from the frontline in #Charlottesville @vicenews @vice @elspethreeve

Wd anyone else like the ghost of Mo Mowlam to show up around now? Just take your wig off and scratch your head a bit Mo...

This is just…astonishing. What a trainwreck.