Martin Scott

May 18, 2017

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Journalism philanthropy has quadruped since 2009 — but nonprofit news outlets are also strengthening their options for finding money elsewhere

Here's my mashup of @INN and @MediaFunders' latest reports, giving a picture of nonprofit news in the past year https://t.co/zUmSoavKB7

Fantastic line up in this live-streamed event later today: “A New Age of Humanitarian Reporting?” 1.30pm US east coast time w/ @HebaJournalist @arwacnn @SherineT @jkurtzercrc join if you’re free! https://t.co/ugAYrzZ8l0

10 full time academic positions at @EdinburghUni around the theme of Sustainable Development Goals, Global Challenges, & developing countries. CFs are research intensive posts that help accelerate outcomes... do please RT! https://t.co/swn33QXbZY