The Humanitarian Journalism project is seeking to better understand how the news media report on humanitarian crises and what shapes their coverage.

Foundation funding of international news: The drive for solutions and impact (Article)

This paper examines the private foundations stepping in to finance journalism and questions their growing influence.

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A reminder to all members to meet in the SU at 17:45 to organise our pickets for this event. Pickets will run 18:00-19:00 to make audience members aware they are crossing a picket line. #UCUstrikes #UCUstrikesback #UCUstrike

Martin Scott@martinscott2010

Despite helping to invite BBC Any Questions to @uniofeastanglia this evening, I have decided I can not cross the picket line to attend. #UCUstrikesback @UEA_UCU @NadiaWhittomeMP #BBCaq #UCUStrikesBack #USS #FourFights

I know I already tweeted about this, but @LindsayPalmerUW piece on @nytimes and #vr or 360 videos is so rich. It is also a great example of textual analysis.

Students, do you want lecturers who are living like this? Many young/newly qualified colleagues are given unsustainable and unnecessarily elongated contractual arrangements with no clear path forward. How do they plan families & lives? #UCUstrike