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Martin Scott

December 9, 2016

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Last week, i had my students respond anonymously to the prompt "Things You Wish Your Professors Knew."

With their permission, paraphrasing the responses:

New special #GlobalSouth collection of #IJPP articles here - Free until end of Oct. Pleased to have 2 articles in the collection w/ @newsprof1 and @meljbunce (although not sure our 'donor power' article really qualifies as being about 'Asia')

Professor Cristian Vaccari@prof_vaccari

🌎🌍🌏To celebrate the start of #ijpp20, enjoy a special collection of 29 #IJPP articles covering 56 countries in the #GlobalSouth across Latin America, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Europe, plus comparative and global studies. Free until end of October! 2